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Overhead Insulated Power Cable 

pubdate:2019-5-21 15:38:42

Overhead Insulated Power Cable 

Product Standard

  This product is made in accordance with the standard of GB/T 12527-2008 Overhead Insulated Power Cable with Rated Voltage of 1 kv or below.

  Operating Characteristics

  1. Rated voltage U is 1 kv or below.

  2. Allowable maximum long-term operating temperature of the cable conductors:

  PVC insulated and PE insulated powers cables should not exceed 70 ℃.

  XLPE insulated power cables should not exceed 90 ℃.

  3. Cable laying temperature should be no less than -20 ℃.

  4. For cables with an outer diameter (D) of less than 25 mm, their bend radius should be no less than 4D.