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3.6/6 ~ 26/35 kv XLPE Ins

pubdate:2019-5-21 15:38:00

3.6/6 ~ 26/35 kv XLPE Ins

XLPE insulated power cable adopts chemical or physical methods to have the structure of PE polyethylene molecules turn from a linear molecular structure into a three-dimensional structure and has the PE turn from thermoplastic one into thermoset cross-linked one, and thus improves the PE’s anti-aging performance, mechanical performance and environmental stress resistance and keeps an excellent electrical performance at the same time.

  The allowable maximum long-term operating temperature of XLPE insulated power cable conductor is 90 ℃, higher than that of paper insulated cable, PVC insulated power cable and PE insulated power cable. In addition, XLPE insulated power cable also has the advantages of light weight, simple structure, easy to use, chemical corrosion resistance and no fall restrictions in laying.