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Ice-snow Resistant Formed Wire 

pubdate:2019-5-21 15:37:02

Ice-snow Resistant Formed Wire 

Product Standard

  This product can be made in accordance with the standard of GB/T20141-20068 Formed Wire Concentric-Lay Stranded Overhead Conductors and the enterprise product manufacturing standard of Q/ZHL 003-2010 Ice-snow Resistant Formed Wire Concentric-Lay Stranded Overhead Conductors.

  This product can also be made in accordance with the standards recommended by the IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission), British Standard, German Standard and American Standard according to user needs.

  Features and Scope of Application

  Ice-snow resistant formed wire concentric-lay-stranded overhead conductor is a concentric stranded wire of special Z-shaped hard-drawn aluminum wire and high-strength galvanized steel wire. Its compact structure and round surface greatly reduce the possibility of attachment of ice and snow on it and thus effectively reduce the occurrence of snow disasters and wind load, and improve the corrosion resistance of the wire. Meanwhile, such conductors have bigger conductor cross-section use ratio. With same diameters, high-voltage overhead conductors can increase the effective cross-section of the conductor and thus increase the transmission capacity and reduce line losses. This product has obvious energy-saving, compatibilization, low wind load, strong ice-snow resistance and good corrosion resistance.

  Ice-snow resistant formed wire concentric-lay-stranded overhead conductors can be used in urban and rural long-distance and high-capacity transmission projects in China’s heavy ice zones, areas with big rivers, mountainous areas, and plateau regions. In reformation of capacity expansion of old lines, to use the original transmission channel without replacing or reinforcing the existing poles and towers can totally meet the requirements of compatibilization and this method features easy manufacturing, low cost, simple hardware, convenient construction, safety and reliability than other energy-saving conductors or compatibilization conductors.