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XGN15-12 Ring network cabinet

pubdate:2019-5-21 14:35:57

XGN15-12 Ring network cabinet

I. Overview
XGN15-12 type fixed rig net high voltage switchgear accords with the common technical requirements of 3-63KV alternating high voltage load switch for GB3804-1990 high voltage switchgear and controlgear, 3-35KV alternating metal enclosed swithchgear for GB3906-1991, alternating high voltage load switch—fuse composite apparatus for GB16926-1997, etc. It also meets the relevant requirements of “five prevents” put forward by electric power industry system.
II. Main purpose
XGN15-12 type fixed rig net high voltage switchgear applies for the indoor three-phase alternating current system with the rated voltage of 12KV and rated frequency of 50Hz. It is widely used in the distribution system of industrial and mining establishments, residential districts, tall buildings, school and park, etc. It can be used as distributed load current to close rating short circuited circuit, or be used as no-load current to open transformer, or be used as certain distance aerial line or cable line current. The ring network cabinet with fuse can be used to cut off the short circuited current to protect switch, or it can be fitted into basket type transformer station.
III. Operating environment
1.       Temperature scope: -40℃ to +70℃. If below -40℃, please contact us.
2.       Height above sea level shall not excess 3000m. Relative temperature: ≤90%(+25℃)
3.       Humidity, relative humidity: Daily mean ≤95%, monthly mean ≤90%
4.       Saturated vapor pressure: Daily mean--2.2kpa, monthly mean ≤1.8kpa
5.       The surrounding air shall not be obviously contaminated by dust, smoke, corrosive or inflammable gas, vapor or salt mist.
External insulation pollution classes of high-voltage shall be Class II and there shall be no regular excessive vibration

IV. Model illustration