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DFW-12 Cable tapping box

pubdate:2019-5-21 14:25:40

DFW-12 Cable tapping box

I. Introduction to product

DFW-12 cable tapping box is mainly used in cable node of 10KV, 20KV and 35KV cable system for distributing the electrical energy, which is simple and convenient in connecting method and features all-insulation, full-seal, corrosion prevention, free-maintenance and safety and reliability. It is widely used in distributing network of industrial park, residential community, business center, mining area and some large-scale enterprises, especially in modification works of intercity network for reducing the investment on equipment and cable and improving the reliability of power supply.

This series of cable tapping box provides users with the following choices: cable splice touchable with electricity or cable splice untouchable with electricity, with/without arrester, with/without short-circuit indicator etc.

II. Model and illustration

III. Normal operating conditions
1. Ambient air temperature: -10℃~40℃
2. Altitude: ≤1000m

IV. Technical data