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Switch cabinet


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I. Main purpose: KYN28A-12(GZS1) indoor metal armored removing-type switch gear is a set of switching arrangement of 3-10KV three-phase alternating current, 50Hz single bus-bar and single bus-bar segmentation system, which is mainly used in power transmission of power plant and small generator, power distribution of industrial and mining establishment and secondary station in electric system, and starting of large-scale high-tension motor.

II. Structural features
1. It is fully armored with metal. It adopts assembling structure and has many assembling scheme.

2. The cabinet selects imported sheet steel with aluminum and zinc which is processed by CNC and advanced multiple edge-folding technique, and then is connected with riveting nuts and high-strength bolts. Therefore, it features high degree of precision, corrosion proof, light weight, high intensity and strong versatility of parts.

3. It can be installed with ZN63A-12 series of vacuum breaker made in this company or imported VD4 series of vacuum breaker. It has extensive applicability and high reliability and realizes long-term free-maintenance.

4. There are three positions of running, test and off on handcart, and each position has location and display device.

5. Various handcarts can change as per modulus in modular method so that the same specification of carts can interchange freely, while the different specification of carts cannot enter absolutely.

6. The handcart is transported by special carrier loader. The operation is portable and flexible.

7. It is allowable to install 3-6 single-core cables in cable room.

8. The interlocking device of high-degree reliability fully meets the requirements of “Five Preventions”.

9. There is voltage-relief passage in each high-voltage room for protecting personal safety.

10. An inspection window is installed on its face door for inspecting the working order within room.

11. It conforms to the standards GB3906 and IEC298.