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YKW-12 preassembling outdoor ring&n

pubdate:2019-5-21 14:16:48

YKW-12 preassembling outdoor ring&n

I. Overview

YKW-12 Preassembled outdoor ring network switch station is to preassemble in the plant primary system at 10KV side and secondary system including integrated automatic control system of transformer station, free-flow power of high-frequency switch, communication and load control etc. in one (two) fully-closed box that is resistant to rain, moisture, fire and dust as well as heat proof. The product is especially applicable to 35/10KV transformer station of rural electricity network and urban industries as well as urban 10KV switch station etc, by which the mode of rare-persons on duty can be realized. 
II. Operating environment
 1. Ambient temperature: -35℃~+40℃

 2. Relative temperature: ≤90%+25℃
 3. Outdoor wind speed: ≤34m/s
 4. Gradient of box: ≤6°
 5. Air pollution grade: ≤Grade III

 6. Applicable altitude: ≤1000 m (ordinary type)
≤3500 m (plateau type)

Notes: If used in special conditions, please contact our company.

III. Model and illustration

IV. Main technical parameter