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ZW32-12 outdoor high voltage v

pubdate:2019-5-21 14:14:38

ZW32-12 outdoor high voltage v

1. Overview

 ZW32-12 outdoor high voltage vacuum breaker (hereinafter called as breaker) is an outdoor switch gear with 12KV rated voltage and 50Hz three-phase alternating current. It mainly is used in switching on or off the load current, excess current and short-circuit current in power system, which is applicable to the protection and control of distribution system of transformer station and industrial and mining establishment, and the place where the electric network is run frequently in rural area.
1.1 Sources of standards

GB1984 Alternate-current High-voltage Circuit Breaker
GB11022 General Specification for High-voltage Switch Gear
GB311.1 Insulation Coordination of High-voltage Power Distribution and Transformer
DL/T593 General Order Specification for High-voltage Switch Gear
DL/T402 General Order Specification for Alternate-current High-voltage Breaker
GB2706 Testing Method of Dynamic and Thermal Stability for Alternate-current High-voltage Electrical Apparatus
GB3309 Mechanical test at ambient temperature for High-voltage switchgear 
DL403 Order Specification for 10~35KV Indoor High-voltage Vacuum Breaker
1.2 Conditions of operating environment
1.2.1 The altitude shall not exceed 2000m.
1.2.2 Ambient air temperature shall be -45℃~+65℃; daily temperature difference shall be 25℃.
1.2.3 The wind speed shall be not greater than 35m/s.
1.2.4 The place where there is no inflammable and explosion hazard, chemical corrosion and strenuous vibration.

1.3 Main technical parameter (Table 1)