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Preassembled transformer station

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Preassembled transformer station

I. Introduction to product
     YBMWD-12/0.4 series of preassembled transformer station manufactured by this company is a complete set of distribution facility, which integrates high-tension switch gear, transformer, low-tension switch gear into one box as per a certain connection scheme.
     This series of preassembled transformer station is used for accepting and distributing electric energy in three-phase alternating current system below rated voltage 12KV, frequency 50HZ and capacity 1250KV. It is not only applicable to public distribution, high-rise building and community, but also industrial and mining establishment, temporary job location of engineering.

II. Normal operating conditions

1. Ambient air temperature cannot exceed 40º, the lowest temperature shall be -25º, daily average difference in temperature shall not exceed 30º, and monthly average difference in temperature shall be not beyond 20º.
2. The altitude shall not exceed 1000m.
3. As for humidity and relative humidity, daily average shall be not greater than 95% and monthly average shall be not greater than 90%.
4. The horizontal acceleration of earthquake shall be not greater than 0.3g.
5. The place where vertical gradient is not beyond 3 and there is no strenuous vibration and impact.
6. The place where there is no conducting dust, explosion hazard and gas that can erode metal and electric appliance.
7. The wind speed outdoors is not greater than 35m/s.
8. The amplitude value induced in the secondary system cannot exceed 1.6KV.

9. If use condition is out of the specification above, user shall negotiate it with manufacturer.