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Won the third prize of science and technology

pubdate:2021-4-6 16:03:50  来源:  作者:Julia


Recently,project of resource treatment and green cycle application of retired composite insulators in power grid from Zhengzhou Xianghe Group Electric Equipment Manufacturing Co.,LTD won the third prize in the selection of science and technology projects of the State Grid Corporation of China. With the many years of experience in silicone rubber production and research,Zhengzhou Xianghe Group Electric Equipment Manufacturing Co.,LTD and the Provincial Electric Power Research Institute were in-depth analysis and research on the recycling and treatment methods of insulators and silicone rubber waste also application verification in coatings, plastic stadium and other fields.The development of this technology not only solves the problem of disposal of composite insulators after batch decommissioning, but also achieves the purpose of green recycling of waste. Zhengzhou Xianghe Group Electric Equipment Manufacturing Co.,LTD have continued to develop international markets in recent years and achieve a number of breakthroughs in the EU market and foreign UHV markets.It has also made great achievements in the environmental protection recycling of decommissioned materials and equipment.