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The operation method of high&n

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High-voltage switchgear is used in power system, power generation, transmission, distribution, conversion and energy consumption on and off, control or protection role, high voltage witchgear according to voltage level in 3.6 kV 550 kv electrica products, high voltage isolating switch and earth switch, high voltage load switch, high pressure automatic reclosing and section, high pressure operating mechanism, high voltage explosion-pro devices and high voltage switch cabinet and so on several broad categories.

High voltage switchgear equipment design guaranteed switch quipment operating procedures of interlocking correctly, the parts operating personnel to various parts of the switchgear equipment investment and exit, in strict accordance with the procedures and the requirements of the technical documentation, should not be optional operation, more should not be stuck in operation, do not add to analyze mandatory operation, no side, will lead to equipment damage, even cause accidents

Now let's have a detailed understanding of the operation requirements of high voltage switchgear.

1. Operators shall hold special post operation certificate(high- pressure network access certificate), and high-pressure operation must be carried out by two persons, one for operation and one for supervision
2. The operator must understand the state and work content of the high-pressure switchgear, be familiar with the performance and operation method of the operated high-pressure switchgear, take safety organization measures and safety technical measures during operation, and do not switch over operation during lightning
3. It is strictly prohibited to operate the high-voltage ring net cabinet;
4. Check whether the pressure gauge of SF6 is within the normal range (no less than 5 atmospheres) before operating the SF6 switch cabinet
5, the tools used must meet the safety standards, insulation gloves, insulation shoes, operating lever should be checked before operation, if there is damp, broken, damaged phenomenon, and insulation registration is lower than the voltage to operate, it is prohibited to operate
6, the operation should wear good insulation, wear good insulation gloves.
7. Strictly follow the operation sequence
8. After power failure, warning signs shall be hung on the high voltage switch cabinet and locked